NaNo and work

My question is, how do you juggle NaNo with your job? I had work yesterday, and even though it was a slightly shorter day than usual, being Sunday, I still found it difficult to get the energy to write.

Granted, part of this might have been that I was already a day behind, and I had just a few hours before going to bed, as I have a weird sleeping pattern at the moment. But the question remains.

How do you manage to get your allotted words a day and not compromise your work?

I do have a job that requires me to interact with customers for the entire day, so taking a notebook and writing during a bit of downtime is out. I just couldn’t get away with it, being on the shop floor all day.



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    Assentia said,

    I’m a SAHM, and still I know what you mean. Swap ‘customers’ with ‘baby’, and you get the idea.

    I’m struggling with the word count, and I end up doing my writing late at night (when adrenaline can carry me through flagging spirits), or first thing in the morning. Work and sleep hours become processing time. In my head, but it does save keyboard time.

    Hope that helps, and glad you liked Rough Draft.

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