Life, love, and everything.

Few bits of news:

First, I’m back in the job market. Turns out that they didn’t have permanent contracts in January, so they didn’t take anyone on. Slightly pissed about that, because if I’d have known this, I would have started looking for another job a month ago.

Second, my new(ish) PC arrived and I am in love. I’ve missed having a proper PC more than I realised; and having one of my own just takes the cake. All I need to do is get some more RAM and a new graphics card and I’m all set.

Third, I turned 20 at the end of December. How freaky is that, me being out of my teens? It’s just all a bit odd.

Finally, me and the boyfriend just celebrated our third anniversary. Weird, huh? Isn’t anniversary such a scary word? Bleck.

Hope to be posting more from now on, d00ds.


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