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Sonic Unleashed and the Reviews of Doom

So, by now everyone who cares knows that there’s a new Sonic game out. It’s split into two sections, day and night, and by day it’s the speed you all love and need, and by night it’s a psuedo-beat-em-up.

But reviewing it is not why I’m here today. That can wait until I’ve played the game to completion. Why I’m here, is to have a look at just why review websites such as IGN and Gamespot have given the game such low scores (4.5 and 3.5 out of 10 respectively).

The game is not that bad. Sure, there are niggles, such as a sometimes unreasonable camera, and punishing difficulty sometimes, and the Werehog, whilst not the awful thing they’re making it out to be, does tend to detract from Sonic, and the levels are a good 10-30 minutes longer than the blue blur’s stages. But you play it, and you can tell Sega have put their heart and soul into the game. The graphics are more than a bit shiny, the sound has been improved from the last incarnation, and it’s fun, really quite fun.

It definitely does not deserve a score less than passable.

So why 4.5? Why 3.5? Are the reviewers punishing Sega for not giving them a 3 hour game purely speed based? Probably not, because then they’d punish them for giving them a 3 hour game. Did the reviewers have a bad day? Was it a competition to see who could give it a low score? Perhaps it’s just their attempt to get Sega to give them the game they want. I say ‘game they want’ instead of ‘a good game’ because at it’s heart? Unleashed is a good game.

Fun? Check. Replay value? Check. Likeable characters? Check. Graphics that don’t impede gameplay? Check. Sound that doesn’t make you wish you were deaf? Check.

What do they want it to have?

Personally, I think they were sulking at it lacking chao. 😛


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