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Few bits of news:

First, I’m back in the job market. Turns out that they didn’t have permanent contracts in January, so they didn’t take anyone on. Slightly pissed about that, because if I’d have known this, I would have started looking for another job a month ago.

Second, my new(ish) PC arrived and I am in love. I’ve missed having a proper PC more than I realised; and having one of my own just takes the cake. All I need to do is get some more RAM and a new graphics card and I’m all set.

Third, I turned 20 at the end of December. How freaky is that, me being out of my teens? It’s just all a bit odd.

Finally, me and the boyfriend just celebrated our third anniversary. Weird, huh? Isn’t anniversary such a scary word? Bleck.

Hope to be posting more from now on, d00ds.


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Goddamn Stupid Xmas

I bought a PC and it won’t even be sent until the 5th because they closed for Christmas. I paid on the 20th. What stupid company closes from the 20th December to 5th January?

I had to work 8-6 over Christmas, why can’t they package and post a PC several days before?

I don’t like Christmas that much anyway.

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This sucks

So, not only did I not get the job, but I got one point below the ones which got the job.

Sometimes I think that there’s something out to get me.

What the hell am I going to do now?

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Work, non-temporary?

My current job is a temporary christmas job in one of the highest-grossing stores in it’s market in the entire country. When they took on a load of us temps, two of the permanent employees left to go to greener pastures (and pursue musical careers). This means, obviously, that when the temporary contracts end, there will be two permanent positions available as there won’t be anyone to take up the slack.

The interviews for said positions are on Tuesday. I have mine just before my work day begins.

Needless to say, I’m absolutely fucking terrified. Moving out of my parent’s house at the beginning of next year depends on me securing this position, and if I fluff it, that means it’s back to looking for a job at the end of January. It took me 7 months to get this one, and if I have to remain here even 7 months longer I might just go mad.

Panicking won’t do me any good, I know. I’m good at my job, I make customers feel special (even if they’re not buying any-fucking-thing), I get on well with all of the staff. I’ve a good chance of getting it.

It’s just as well mine is the first one, though. If I had to go through the day knowing who I was up against I might just forget about it.

Cross your fingers for me, won’t you?

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NaNo and work

My question is, how do you juggle NaNo with your job? I had work yesterday, and even though it was a slightly shorter day than usual, being Sunday, I still found it difficult to get the energy to write.

Granted, part of this might have been that I was already a day behind, and I had just a few hours before going to bed, as I have a weird sleeping pattern at the moment. But the question remains.

How do you manage to get your allotted words a day and not compromise your work?

I do have a job that requires me to interact with customers for the entire day, so taking a notebook and writing during a bit of downtime is out. I just couldn’t get away with it, being on the shop floor all day.


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