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Recently I found a website where you catalog your games collection, and whether you’ve beaten them or not. I’ve spent the past few days putting most of mine in (I’ve yet to put my emulated ones on), and the numbers are damning.

Total: 332 games
Completed: 4 games
Beaten: 33 games
Unbeaten: 293 games

That is a worrying amount of unbeaten to beaten. So, I’m going to try and beat more. I’ll be putting all here, so stay tuned.

If you have an account, please add me. This is my profile:

I also need to change the status of House of the Dead Overkill. I beat the main story, so I can now count it as beaten. (Only Director’s Cut left.) Overkill is such an awesome game. Really weird though.


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Spore on Steam without DRM

Yeah, I’m so getting it now.

EA has learned from it’s mistakes (at least a little bit) and has put Spore on Steam without SecuROM. This is awesome.

Maybe one day I can start buying new EA games again. (Spore doesn’t count.)

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Impulse Buying

Today I got paid, yay! It was about £350, so, obviously, my xmas shopping all but done last month, I went shopping for me.

From work, I bought Digimon World (the original), Pokémon Fire Red, Persona 3 FES, ToCA 3 Touring Cars, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and, um… a gift for my boyfriend (he sometimes reads this blog so I can’t really say).

Then I bought Dogz and Catz 4 & 5 and 500 index cards and cases from Amazon.

Then I bought a Tamagotchi and a computer (!) from eBay.

And to finish it off, I bought a seedbox, too.

This means I should have about £120 left, discounting the £50 my boyfriend stole borrowed from me.

There’s a twinge of guilt from the impulsiveness of it all.

But not that much.

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Choice and gaming

Recently, I acquired an R4 for my DS at a computer fair. You would think that with the sheer amount of games that are now at my fingertips I would be gaming far more than I used to, but actually, I’m not.

Instead of 8 games to choose from, I have 30. And the amount of choice is daunting. Instead of playing one games for a few hours then going onto another, I’ve devoted almost no time at all to each individual one. The one I’ve played most over the past week is Animal Crossing, and have only played that one for just long enough to play off the first mortgage. Which is perhaps two or three hours play.

I propose that with the amount of consoles there are, and the sheer volume of games released for each, that gaming is being damaged. And not just quality of games-wise. Because the gamer has so much to choose from, instead they go for something different entirely.

I see this all the time at work. Mr 360 gamer is looking at the new releases section and asks me what I recommend. I say something along the lines ‘most of these games are sweet and you can’t go wrong with them’ and Mr 360 gamer can’t decide which one to pick so he goes to the pre-owned section and gets two decent-looking games for the same price as one of the new ones.

Obviously, gaming is not doing too badly and new games are almost universally selling well. But if there were less consoles, then developers wouldn’t have to stretch themselves to put games on them all and the quality might improve. There’d be fewer people who forgo the new games entirely.

And also there might be room to move on a busy day in the shop.

And I wouldn’t have to go out and buy an expensive PS3 just so I could have the lot.

My DS games want to be completed but because there are so many I just can’t bring myself to do so. Daunting task is daunting.

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