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I have too many games

More backloggery, and my number has grown again.

Total: 399 games
Unbeaten: 353 games
Beaten: 42 games
Completed: 4 games

I should just get rid of the lot, eh?

Nah, just kidding, I could never do that. (Except the ones that are crap which is surprisingly few.)

Have played yet more Phantasy Star Portable and Pokemon Diamond, too. Done lots of trading 🙂


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Backloggery Update 2

I’ve been going through and updating all the game notes as to where I am in each, I’m not done yet, and also I’ve updated some games to beaten which should have been there originally. Also, some more games have been added, and no doubt more will be later as I remember even more.

Total: 380 games
Unbeaten: 334 games
Beaten: 42 games
Completed: 4 games

Right now I’m at 12.2% beaten and completed, which is far higher than I first envisioned it would be. Here’s hoping it keeps increasing.

Since last time I’ve been playing more Phantasy Star Portable, and Pokemon Platinum, mostly. In Platinum I’ve only just traded my eggs across and hatched them, and training them up to level 5 each is taking it’s time (especially since Cubone ended up with only Growl). My team  (randomised from a group of 30 eggs) is Rhyhorn, Cubone, Spinarak, Treecko, Mudkip and Magby, which is surprisingly well balanced. I was quite sad not to get my Sneasel though.

In Phantasy Star Portable I’m levelling up my basic classes. Hunter was at 10 before I started as that was my original class, and I have just raised Ranger to level 10. I have just begun on Force, and when that is done I will be very happy because I’m not too keen on Forces.  My guy (George, Human) is at level 28, still in Chapter 3 and I have been playing for 7:25. I am taking it very slowly. 17 titles are acquired, and the last one was Top Condender, for clearing free missions 50 times. The prize was a very lovely S-Rank Rod. Which I can’t even use, but never mind, it’s a nice weapon and probably means I won’t have to bother getting other ones.

‘Till next time, folks.

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Recently I found a website where you catalog your games collection, and whether you’ve beaten them or not. I’ve spent the past few days putting most of mine in (I’ve yet to put my emulated ones on), and the numbers are damning.

Total: 332 games
Completed: 4 games
Beaten: 33 games
Unbeaten: 293 games

That is a worrying amount of unbeaten to beaten. So, I’m going to try and beat more. I’ll be putting all here, so stay tuned.

If you have an account, please add me. This is my profile:

I also need to change the status of House of the Dead Overkill. I beat the main story, so I can now count it as beaten. (Only Director’s Cut left.) Overkill is such an awesome game. Really weird though.

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